Mercedes-Benz has the largest fleet of roadsters and cabriolets in its category, but it wasn't getting much credit for that fact. There was low product awareness and product differentiation of the fleet amongst our target audience, and when asked broadly about 'sports cars' or 'convertibles' they were unlikely to mention Mercedes-Benz. We needed to make it clear that Mercedes-Benz had a great range of iconic vehicles that opened their drivers up to their surroundings.

We decided to give each model in the fleet its own clear personality through storytelling content on YouTube and our social channels.

For the most iconic of the lineup - the SL - we created one of the first 360° ad units on YouTube. (View the video on mobile YouTube for the full experience.)

For our social channels, we worked with influencers and content creators across Canada to tell unique personal stories and give a unique feel to each model.

To bring the Mercedes-Benz dealers up to speed, we created a Brand Guidebook explaining all of the components designed for the campaign.

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Paul Hanlon. 

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