Cesar is known for its wet dog food which is formulated for small dogs and comes at a premium price. We identified that to hit our sales targets we needed current buyers to buy Cesar just one more time per year. But our research showed that our audience really only thought of Cesar as a 'special occasion' meal for their small dog, and they wouldn't be likely to start thinking of it as an every day meal.

Our insight for this campaign was simple: we feed ourselves differently on weekends, why not our dogs? We created a campaign to associate the Cesar brand with treating ourselves on weekends.

We created a weekend brunch pop-up spot for dogs designed to get attention through Instagram and other social media channels and turned the experience into a video we ran as pre-roll on YouTube.

The space included branded signage and menus.

We used timed digital advertising to remind dog owners to treat their dog as the weekend approached.

And we created digital transit shelter ads to remind dog owners that the weekend was approaching.

Paul Hanlon. 

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