BMW Canada wanted to bring more high-net worth individuals into the brand. The problem is, this is an audience that’s hard to reach with mainstream media tactics and that spends less time researching their next car than most people.

It’s a particularly important growth audience for BMW as their ultra-luxury offering has been expanding in the past two years with new models like the first-ever X7, the electric-powered i8 Roadster and the high-performance M5 Competition. In order to sell these ultra-luxurious cars, we needed a way to communicate with our target that wouldn’t feel like a traditional advertisement. So we set out to reach them where we knew they were.

Research showed us that most new car purchases are driven by a big life change like getting a new home. And this is especially true among luxury buyers. We knew that communicating with these high-net-worth drivers during the home buying process could provide us with a platform and opportunity to showcase our newest products in a new, hard-to-miss way.

This is an audience that wants personal, easy service and really doesn’t want to be sold to. In fact, for several facets of their life they’re likely to let someone else take care of purchase details. When you have an audience that is looking for streamlined and great service, that’s what you need to deliver.  


Our strategy was to go to them wherever they were in their journey rather than force them into ours.