While brand enthusiasts don't need any further convincing about the power of Mercedes-Benz AMG, the majority of consumers give BMW and Audi more credit for handling and performance. We wanted to let those naysayers know what AMG is made of. One of the most distinctive elements of the AMG line is the sound of its engine. In fact the sound is one of the most commonly cited elements of the drive during dealer interactions.


We brought the sound to life in an experience built for 4DX movie theatres. These theatres transform blockbuster movies into fully immersive experiences with intense seat motion, wind effects, scent effects, and Dolby Atmos sound. The AMG spot we created took advantage of all of these with the scent of burning rubber, wind hitting them in the face, seats that jolted them back and forth, and a truly 3D audio experience. We made the feeling of the AMG's sound our star.

To experience the 3D audio mix, check out the video below with headphones on.

Paul Hanlon. 

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